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Chang Zhang

Chang Zhang (1981) is currently doing his Ph.D. on Contemporary Art from the College of Arts of the University of Coimbra. He is also a Lecturer and Assistant Professor of Faculty of Art and Design, Chuzhou University, China, where he teaches on the Undergraduate courses in Non-linear Video Editing, Illustration Design, Digital Effects, Animation Character Design, Sketch, Literary Sketch, Western Art History and Animation Design. He has a Master's degree in Animation from the Department of Animation, University of Hanseo, South Korea, following completion of his Bachelor degree course in Western Painting at the Faculty of Art of University of Normal Huaibei, China. His work includes oil painting and animation. In his pictorial work, he widely explores the utilization of traditional or experimental painting skills and techniques. He strongly demonstrates willingness to experiment with both techniques and materials in a contemporary concept. He has developed his own projects in the intersection between Design and Art, in its vast majority, about social issues. He has won 9 Awards, such as Bronze Award, Excellence Award, Top Award "First Prize" etc., in national Contests and Competitions, in relation to Animation, Art and Design, Sketch, Colorful Still Life and Landscape Painting. He has exhibited his work in several Chinese conferences. He has published 2 papers in national journals and 4 books in national University Press, China. Moreover, He's regularly invited as a Reviewer at Animation Cartoon Contest.



 Desenho, Pintura, cinema de animação

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