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Clarissa Serafim

Textiles and clothing are the materials I find inspiration from, for their texture, movement and memories. Through experimental sewing processes, compositions /installations are made out of textiles surplus, coming to live, as well as their own experiences and people connected with it.   These objects explore the relationship between fashion and textile art, expanding the conventional use of clothing, as wearable objects, to multilayered surfaces as storytellers.   University of Arts of London Alumni, with a Master in Fashion Media Production at London College of Fashion, now, doing a PhD in Contemporary Art at University of Coimbra, with an interdisciplinary research project in textile art and sustainability entitled “Textile Surplus in Contemporary Art. Essays and Artistic-Sustainable Practices”. Her theoretical-practical work in progress projects are “Functional Clothing”, exploring the dialogue between clothing and daily life in order to design a new utilitarian style, “Manto” ( Mantle), a patchwork piece where clothes are sewn together creating a human map, “Moda Morta” (Dead Fashion), series of photographs of clothing lines questioning the concept of clothes without bodies and “Panels”, fabric compositions that express her aesthetic combination of fashion, textile art and sustainability.


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