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Enrico Gaido

Enrico Gaido (b.1971, Italy). My artistic career started in 1998 immediately after completing a university degree in Architectural Engineering. At first I worked mainly in the field of theater research, an experience that allowed me to investigate the notion of ‘occurrence’ and the visual practice around it. As of 2006, in the context of the experimental project Portage, at the threshold between experimental theater and contemporary art, I focused my work particularly on the examination of the notion of 'accidents', as something that interrupts the otherwise inevitable chain of causality, and undermines the stability and dormancy of matter, putting our safety and certainty into crisis. Over the years the experience with Portage laid the groundwork for my subsequent and current individual practice (since 2013). Two major events marked this new phase and influenced my artistic research, though in very different ways: the exhibition Exploding Utopia (Laure Genillard Gallery, London 2013), in which I participated along with great artists who used explosive materials in their practice, and DoDisturb! (Palais de Tokyo, Paris 2015) where my installation 502,65cm3 literally and accidentally exploded... Questions of eventality, performance, process, questions on the status of the object, on the sculptural process and the politics of resistance, persistence and mutability through the manipulation of materials, are the major elements of my research.


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