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Doutorandos em Arte Contemporânea

Inesa Markava

I was born in Minsk, Belarus, country with many beautiful lakes and forests. Since very young started my studies in dance and music. In 2002 entered to the University of Culture and Arts in Minsk and during 3 years learned theatre, art, management, music and art activities organization. At the University I met dance department students and the passion of many years started to gain form: contemporary dance, new choreography language, searching for another way of body expression become the main interest to discover and develop. In 2005 I won one year exchange scholarship in Portugal and worked within international cultural program team in Leiria. During my free time I had started contemporary and classical dance classes at Clara Leão dance school and after the first public performance I was invited to work with School of Arts and Concerts for Babies project in Leiria. Within these two projects I’m taking part in many international festivals every year and dance regularly on the stages of Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval, Sintra; Loule thatre, Bilbao Philharmonic Orchestra, Antwerp Theater (Lause Poliphoniae Festival), Mercat de Las Flors in Barcelona, Gulbenkian Festival in Kent, Graz Arts Festival and many others. In 2010 I´ve finished Artistic Studies degree and started Master in Cultural Politics at University of Coimbra University with a theme of Museums and Education through Art. Since 2016 I’m PhD in Contemporary Art student at Colégio das Artes, University of Coimbra with a theme Territory Between: Dance permeability within Exposition Space, that I explore as well through artistic practice monthly at Arquivo Gallery in Leiria, Portugal.


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